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Eat at the RUCThe RUC’s new menu is jam packed full of variety, from RUC Classics like chicken schnitzel and kiev to fresh sandwiches and burgers as well as lighter options like salads and vegetarian eats. Our aim is to provide accessible, traditional club favourites with a contemporary twist.

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Pizza: a range of pizza flavours to suit everyone, including vego and chilli options.

Lighter Meals: for when you feel like behaving yourself, there are plenty of salads to choose from.

Bar Snacks: perfect portions to share with your friends and family or to satisfy those pre dinner hunger pangs.

Club Classics: who doesn’t love a good ‘ole Club favourite. Think chicken ‘n chips, kiev and burgers, all served with chips and salad.

RUC Burgers: our well known specialty burgers, served up with chips. The perfect accompaniment to a pint or two.

For the kids and the young at heart: mini burgers, spag bol and baby fish and chips…yes please!

Desserts: ice cream for the little ones and gelato for the big kids.

The RUC café: the perfect place to stop for a morning or afternoon pick me up. Toasties, quiches, coffees and cakes are bound to keep you filled up and ready to go.

Members Meals:

Members receive a discounted price on all meals across the menu, as well as accruing RUC Rewards points when ordering. The members price is written in black below all menu items. To find out more about RUC Rewards and the perks of being a member, click here.

Lunch Specials:

Who doesn’t love a good lunch? And it’s even better when it’s a bargain. For just $12 you can get fish and chips, lasagna, rump steak or schnitty every day of the working week. Treat yourself to a feed on your lunch break – we promise we won’t tell the boss!