The RUC | Weekly Events

Weekly Events

Sundays - BBBB - Beers, Burgers, Bowls and Bubbles$30 BOWLS, BURGERS, BEERS OR BUBBLES

All the good things start with a ‘b’ – beats, bongos, beach and of course bowls, burgers, beers or bubbles at the RUC!

At the RUC we have your Sundays planned with $30 bowls, burgers, beers or bubbles which is sure to provide a fun filled afternoon with your and friends.

Don’t let the cold keep you from enjoying a Sunday arvo with your mates. We also have Ugg Boot Bowls during the Winter months.


All specials are for members only.

Monday Roast - $10 All DayROAST OF THE DAY

Beat those Monday blues with RUC Roast day. That’s a $10 RUC roast available all day on Mondays. That’s a sure way to kick your weekly Mondayitis to the kerb.

Better yet, we’ve got cosy fireplaces and club heaters and to keep you toasty on the outside as well as the inside!

All specials are for members only.

Chicken with Tuesdays $10 SchnittyGRAB A $10 SCHNITTY

It’s hard to go past a good old chicken schnitzel, especially when it’s only $10!

The RUC’s chicken schnitty is just $10 on Tuesdays from lunch until dinner.

All specials are for members only.

Wednesdays All Day Burgers $10 at the RUC Turner$10 BURGERS

That’s right, the RUC’s delicious burgers are just $10 all day every Wednesday.

For those of you who like it hot, try our spicy Man O’War Chicken Burger, or the Portuguese Chicken Burger, New York Cheese Burger for those who already have enough spice in your life.

All burgers are served with chips and salad and are sure to satisfy your taste-buds.

All specials are for members only.


Come on down to the RUC on Thursday evenings for an action packed night of trivia.

Every Thursday at 7pm we’ll throw a bunch of questions at your team on a variety of topics. Race your mates in a Sale of the Century meets Millionaire style game, as each team has its own keypad and buzzer. It’s fast paced and exciting, and you can even bet points towards questions.

Whether your new to the game or a trivia buff, it’s a fun night for everyone and there are prizes – $80, $30 and $20 RUC Bucks – to be won.

And the best part? It’s FREE!

All specials are for members only.

meat rafflesMEAT RAFFLES

With Friday meat raffles come so many benefits:

the opportunity for a fun night out with friends and family the sheer excitement of actually winning a meat tray (or two) a fridge full of delicious local butchers meat, and a weekly grocery bill cut in half (well, for some)

Tickets can be purchased from 5pm to 7pm. Purchase one ticket for $5, three for $10 or seriously improve your chances with seven tickets for $20.

Prizes include meat trays, beer, wine and RUC Bucks.

All specials are for members only.