Too much Christmas cheer? Here’s to a healthier 2015!

After we’ve all reaped the benefits of the silly season – too much of Nan’s honey baked ham, too much of Mum’s Pavlova, one too many Christmas bevs – we reach a point where we know we have to begin to evaluate our life choices.

Did I need that extra piece of Christmas cake?

Did I need to help the kids eat their food too?

Do I have a beer belly?

It’s the time of year when we’ll begin to plan for a better 2015. More exercise, more sleep and a healthier and more nutritious diet. Forget the indulgence sins of Christmas past and instead focus on the old adage ‘new year, new you’ which is code for ‘we’ll forget last year, if you do’.

– Keep your new year’s resolutions this year, and partake in the healthier and nutritious side of our menu.When looking for healthier eating options, you can’t go past meat and veg. Ask about our lean steak options including MSA graded 3 eye fillet. Pair your protein with a salad or some veggies and you’re onto a winner. Watch your portion sizes and hold the sauce for bonus health points.

– Our super salad ain’t named for nothin! It features mixed lettuce leaves, tomatoes, fetta, Parmesan, capsicum, olives, julienne vegetables (carrot and leek) and lean chargrilled chicken breast.

– Try our delicious Hot Smoked Pacific King Salmon salad, full of protein, omega 3s and the vitamins your body is lacking after a diet of Christmas left overs. Paired with rocket, asparagus and bacon (just for taste of course), it’s the perfect pick me up.

Party season takes it out of the best of us. Take a step towards healthy food – before you get mistaken as Santa in his off season.

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