RUC Rewards: All you need to know

RUC Member [RUC Mem-ber]:


  1. a person who has joined the RUC , is a lover of sports, good company and fun times.

Sounds like something you want to be a part of, right? Not only do you get to play an active part of the RUC community we’ve built up over the years, but you’ll be able rack up tangible RUC Rewards. What does this involve you ask? All the important questions are addressed below.


You and your friends, housemates, colleagues and relatives that want to make the most of their RUC membership.



If you’re not already a member of the RUC, you’re only a few clicks away from becoming one. Fill out our online form, and once you’ve paid your membership fee at the front desk, you’ll be a fully authorised card-carrying member of the RUC. A year’s membership will set you back $5, or $10 for 3 years – cheap as chips! By spending at the RUC, you will get points which are redeemable for cash and prizes!



The small Canberra Club in the Inner North where member loyalty is recognised and rewarded. (54 McCaughey St Turner).



From June you will accrue RUC Rewards points 7 days a week, 11am til late.



Because we want to thank and reward all of our members for spending time with us at the RUC. In the coming weeks, RUC Rewards will be universal across the club, which means every time you spend money at the RUC as a member, you earn points.

When we say “every time you spend money at the RUC” – we mean every time. In the altered words of Sting – “Every drink you take, every time you eat a steak, every game you partake (in), every function booking you make – the RUC will be rewarding you.

Seriously, we want to see our members more often, so starting next month, you’ll see a Members Price and a Points Price on all items on both our food and drink menus.

So whether you’re booking a function, a bowls party, or just grabbing a bite to eat with your mates, members will be able to pile up on those RUC Rewards. Always swipe your card upon entry for your chance to win bonus points, prizes and entry into the daily members draws – you might literally get cash just for turning up!


Being a part of a community is important, and we want to ensure all of our members who are part of our RUC community are well looked after. It’s our pleasure.

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