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Keen to get your bowl on? Read on

Are you eager to play a game of lawn bowls but haven’t a clue about how to actually bowl the ball? What about perfecting your stance? How on earth do you make the ball curve around? Read more

Choosing the right beer for YOU

A beer’s a beer’s a beer, right? Wrong.

With so many standard, premium and craft home grown and international beer varieties doing the rounds right now, your beer tastes can change from season to season, and moment to moment. Read more

Makes friends with steak

Steak. Is there any better staple pub food than the good old fashioned steak?

But…when it comes to steak, do you really know how to choose and cook it well? Read more

Time to put the ‘Fun’ in Functions

Who puts the ‘fun’ in functions? WE DO!

Oh come on, how cheesy it that?! But true, so true, when it comes to functions at The RUC in Barton and Turner. We really can help to make any function you like a happy and memorable one. And fun! Read more

Extend your dollar further at The RUC

We’re betting that for many of you, the Christmas and New Year period left your wallets and bank accounts looking fairly bare. And we’re sure that many of you are now trying your hardest to avoid spending on things you don’t ‘need’ – which generally translates to not going out to eat, drink and be merry with your mates.

Trust us, it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to let your social life and sanity suffer.

At both The RUC in Turner and The RUC in Barton, we have plenty of daily and weekly specials on offer which means you can afford to get out of the house and keep your sanity without breaking your 2015 budget.

Read more