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Too much Christmas cheer? Here’s to a healthier 2015!

After we’ve all reaped the benefits of the silly season – too much of Nan’s honey baked ham, too much of Mum’s Pavlova, one too many Christmas bevs – we reach a point where we know we have to begin to evaluate our life choices.

Did I need that extra piece of Christmas cake?

Did I need to help the kids eat their food too?

Do I have a beer belly?

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Everything you need to know about ‘barefoot’ bowls at Turner

It’s the height of summer. Time to strip back and enjoy Canberra’s glorious hot sunny weather in your shorts and thongs. Or better still no shoes at all!

There aren’t many sports you can enjoy in your new found shoeless state or thongs! But there’s always ‘barefoot’ bowls, and summer is a fabulous time to hit the greens.

So, how does barefoot bowls differ from normal bowling?

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10 signs you’re a sports addict

Dreaming of your team making the grand final? Fantasizing about scoring the winning goal in the final minutes? Gotta run home from a date to catch the game? You could be suffering from what we term, sports addiction.

We guess as far as addictions go, being addicted to sports aint too bad. You get a bit of activity, well vicariously anyway. And you get to bond with your mates and work colleagues over a shared passion, or enjoy some healthy team rivalry.

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Bowling for beginners

Do you know your Back Bowl from your Bias? Your Dead End from your Draw Shot? No?

If you’re more ‘Crackerjack’ than committed when it comes to lawn bowls it doesn’t really matter. As your mother used to say “it’s not about who wins or loses…” Lawn bowls is a lot of fun and a great way to relax with your mates or the work crowd.

At The RUC, we’re lovers of lawn bowls and we thought it would be great to share some lawn bowls tips for beginners so that you can impress your buds with your sweet sweet bowling skills. Or at least sound like you know what you’re talking about.

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Nights out on the cheap

Work is getting you down and you’re super keen to hang out with your mates. Better still head out for the night with your mates. But is your wallet as keen? Ah…not so much.

You could just stay in and watch a movie, play cards, or watch the paint dry. OR you could still head out for the night. Yes, you can. Really. You just need to know your penny-pinching options.

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