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Closure of the RUC

23 March 2020

In response to the ACT Government’s announcement regarding the compulsory shut down of all non-essential services, the RUC has closed our doors to members and the wider public. 

This is a measure that everyone at the RUC is on board to ensure the community is safe. 

During these difficult times the RUC is not only committed to looking after our community, but we are also committed to looking after our staff and will use this downtime to refresh the Club and review our menus. 

The RUC is a community-based Club and we cannot survive without our members. In the coming days we will be announcing measures to ensure we can continue being a part of your lives, even if it’s not face to face. 

View the latest message from the RUC’s Secretary Manager, Jeremy Wilcox here:

12.00pm Monday – shutdown time for The RUC as part of keeping Canberra safe. Hear from Jeremy about today’s plan and what we are doing at the RUC to play our part. Leave us your comments on what you think we can be doing next to keep our community connected.#WeAreCBR #Canberra #ClubsACT

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The RUC by Instagrammer eiki85

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