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In the community

Our chefs regularly volunteer at Ronald McDonald house, cooking a delicious dinner for the parents and families of children affected by serious illness. Read more about the amazing work Ronald McDonald House does here.

The function room can be provided for free or at a reduced price to charities or organisations that meet our criteria. Email for more information.


The RUC is an environmentally friendly venue. We grow our own herbs that spice the dishes served in the grill and cafe, creating our iconic fresh and delicious taste. The kitchen is currently in the process of moving all food into the onsite composting for a minimal waste impact.

We’ve recently upgraded every single light fitting to an energy saving light bulb, significantly reducing the environmental impact due to the sheer amount of light bulbs in the venue.

The RUC is an accredited waste management and recycling business. The program inputs the best practice of waste management through a ten step program reducing environmental impact.