The RUC | Staff



  • Jeremy Wilcox

    Secretary Manager
    Jeremy is passionate about small business, particularly small business in our nation’s capital. He is interested in seeing the diversity of hospitality venues continue to expand in Canberra. A true Canberran - Jeremy is interested in politics, a range of sport, his family and last but definitely not least, The RUC. A trip to The RUC is not complete without a chat to Jeremy, you can’t miss him – he’s the one without the hair…
  • Ned Scanlan

    Ned has been at the RUC since 2006 and has been expanding his love for red wine, steak and a bit of a punt ever since. He has been in Canberra since 1979 and loves coming to work every day. “It’s not a bad job, plus our staff and customers make it very easy to come to work,” Ned fondly recalls…Not to mention the opportunity to sell beer and watch rugby, all in a day!
  • Alyson Juric

    Accounts Manager
    If you need a problem solved, it’s a safe bet that Ally is the girl to help you out. She’s the complete all-rounder at the RUC with a background in hospitality since starting at McDonalds at the ripe young age of 15. She’s Canberra born and bred and has been enjoying the fine selection of beer on offer since she started at The RUC over seven years ago. Ally can help you with anything.