Come in and enjoy playing the machines in a more comfortable environment with new, more plush furnishings making for a more relaxed gaming experience. With 31 poker machines, the area offers privacy, space and full service to Members and guests. We also have an under cover smoking area just off the gaming lounge for members convenience.

At the RUC you will enjoy more entertainment with barefoot bowls, sports on the big screen and many other TV’s, racing in our TAB plus Keno.

A number of new Aristocrat Technologies games have been introduced recently, including two of the latest Lightning Cash releases – Moon Race and Punters Choice, as well as:

  • Dragons Choice and African Big 5 from the Supercase family.
  • Wolf Dreaming from the Mega Jackpot Reel Power family.
  • Relatively new Players Choice selections with Players Choice Gold Jackpots.
  • 5 Dragons Legends, an old favourite in a new box – the traditional 5 Dragons and the 5 Dragons Deluxe, the designers enhanced version.

Gambling Counselling & Support Service

If gambling is creating a problem in your life, you can get help. Contact Relationships Australia’s Gambling Counselling & Support Service on 1800 858 858 for free and confidential face-to-face or telephone counselling to assist with gambling-related and financial problems. Their qualified gambling counsellors have helped many people experiencing the same problems and they will help you find a solution. They offer online support and group support, in addition to telephone and face-to-face counselling. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem call the free Gambling Help hotline on 1800 858 858. For more information, contact our Gaming Contact Officers, Anna Montague on 02 6247 7838 or email Anna@theruc.com.au .

For more information on gambling support services, download the ACT Gaming and counselling support service brochure.

Harm Minimisation Policy

Definition: Responsible conduct of gambling (RCG), refers to the delivery of gaming and wagering services in a manner that minimises the potential for harm that may be caused by gambling to individuals, their families and the community in general.

Background: The RUC is a small but historically problem-free gaming establishment with 50 poker machines in operation.

Philosophy: We ensure that all management and employees of the Club and proposed Club are aware of, and abide by all legislation and rules applicable to the delivery of gambling within our premises. The RUC is committed to providing a strong harm minimisation approach to the service of gaming.

Whilst the ACT club industry is governed by the provisions of the Gambling and Racing Control (Code of Practice) Regulations 2002, the RUC sees the Code of Practice as the minimum standard and will strive to achieve a higher standard in the service of gaming as evidenced by the score given to the RUC by ACT Gambling and Racing Commission at its March 2014 audit. The Commission rated the RUC at Barton a three (Developed) when assessing the club’s implementation of the Code’s harm minimisation measures along with the policy and procedures used by the RUC. The RUC aims to achieve a high rating for the Turner Club.

The RUC’s aim is to provide safe and secure facilities where members feel comfortable making informed decisions about their gambling practices. The welfare of our patrons is a priority and this is reflected in our commitment to the duty of care provided to members and their guests.

In addition, to promote the responsible conduct of gambling, the management and directors of the ACT Rugby Union Club and Canberra North Bowling Club aspire to:

  • Promote responsible gambling which conforms to community standards and expectations
  • Undertake responsible practices in advertising, promotions and providing inducements to gamble
  • Implement procedures for the handling of personal information pertaining to gambling patrons within the ACT Rugby Union Club
  • Establish a pleasant, safe & legally compliant gambling environment
  • Promote the concept of patron and employee care through informing and training our employees on problem gambling
  • Encourage patrons to take responsibility for their gambling activity through an effective self-exclusion program
  • Inform patrons and employees of our RCG policy, gambling facilities and the availability of support services for problem gamblers
  • Develop links between our organisation and relevant community organisations that will provide support and advice for problem gamblers and their families
  • Develop and implement an effective complaints and dispute resolution procedure
  • To provide support and advice, the ACT Rugby Union Club has an appointed Gambling Contact Officer (GCO) to be a confidential point of contact with our patrons, or the families of patrons, who believe they may have a problem with gambling.

If you or a family member believes you may have a problem with gambling, please contact one of our GCO’s Anna Mantague on 6247 7838.

Staff Training: All employees of the ACT Rugby Union Club and Canberra North Bowling Club whose work duties involve gaming activities are required under the Gambling and Racing Control (Code of Practice) Regulation 2002, and also as a condition of employment to have completed an ACT approved Responsible Conduct of Gaming course within the last 3 years.

All Gambling Contact Officers are required under the Gambling and Racing Control (Code of Practice) Regulation 2002 to have completed an ACT-approved Gambling Contact Officer course within the last 3 years, along with completing at least one approved training session or course per year to remain eligible as a Gambling Contact Officer.

All staff are aware of the club’s Responsible Conduct of Gaming Manual containing:

  1. Gaming Contacts
  2. Responsible Conduct of Gambling/Harm Minimisation Policy
  3. Gaming Machine Control Procedures
  4. Gambling Incident Register
  5. Exclusion from Gambling Procedures
  6. Self-Exclusion Deeds
  7. Copies of Problem Gambling Brochures & List of Licensed Venues in ACT
  8. Exclusion by Licensee Deed
  9. Register of Persons Excluded from the Club
  10. Copies of RCG/GCO/Attendant Certificates & Expiry Database
  11. Copies of the Code of Practice

Provision of Information to members and guests:

  • Problem gambling help services on the Club’s website
  • Problem gambling pamphlets, information and card throughout the Club
  • Signage within the gaming area pointing to gambling counselling and support services help