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BBBB Sundays: The best things in life, well, at the RUC start with B – bowling, beer, bar, beats, bubbly! Gather your mates and head to the RUC for a fun-filled Sunday chills. The bowls are ready to roll, the burgers are delicious, and the beers or bubbles are cold. Bowls, Burgers, Beers or Bubbles Sundays – we’ve got all your B words covered. Join us on any Sunday in summer and winter to enjoy all that BBBB Sundays have to offer.

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Ugg Boot bowls in winter: Don’t let the cold keep you from enjoying a Sunday arvo with your mates during the winter months. Embrace the Canberra chill by chucking on your uggs and rugging up in your winter warmest to play a few games of bowls.


Barefoot bowls: An Aussie staple, barefoot bowls makes for a perfect afternoon of relaxing and socialising. Rent one green and bring 56 of your closest bowls players, or rent the double green for 112 players and enjoy the jukebox sounds from the music on the green. Small groups welcome too.

Bowls butler: You concentrate on the green and our Bowls Butlers will bring the food and drinks. With your own Bowls Butler, you’ll never have to worry about your glass or stomach being empty. We’ll also show you how to play, keep score and enjoy yourselves.

Twilight bowls:
There’s no better way to celebrate the weekend than with a game of bowls as the sun sets. Bring the team after work for some social bowls, or meet your friends for a debrief on the week.

Jack Attack:
 The latest craze to hit the RUC. With a frenetic energy and a lower average age to traditional bowls, Jack Attack has been sweeping across Australian bowls clubs, and now it’s here in Turner! It’s short and sweet and the rules are easy. Grab a bunch of friends or colleagues for a a game of Twilight Jack Attack on Wednesday evenings.

Barefoot Bowls Rules:

While Barefoot Bowls is perfect for a bit of fun, it does come with a few ground rules so that everyone stays happy.

  • Eating and drinking on the greens is not permitted. Keen for a bite or a bevvy? Step off the greens for maximum enjoyment.
  • Driving of the balls (bowling with force to knock the other balls out of play) is a big no-no. Be nice, play fair and everyone will have a great time.
  • Bowl from both ends of the green. We want to ensure that our greens are kept in tip-top shape, and bowling from both ends means that the grass stays even.
  • Roll the ball as low to the ground as possible. Lobbing or chucking the ball is not only bad for the greens, but it also won’t get too far!
  • Sitting on edge of the greens is not advised. There are heaps of chairs and benches surrounding the greens for punters to sit back and relax on.
  • Smoking on the premises is not allowed.

Click here to read The RUC Barefoot Bowling Instructions

The greens are in operation every day except for Tuesdays which is green preparation and maintenance day. Barefoot bowls cost is $18 per person during peak season (Nov/Dec) and $15 per person off peak (Jan-Oct).

If you’d like to bowl in peak times (Christmas), be sure to contact our Functions Manager on or call 02 6247 7838.

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