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Supporting the Inner North – proud sponsor of the Turner School Fete

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At the RUC, we’re all about supporting the local community and that doesn’t just mean through traditional sponsorship for sporting clubs. Since joining forces with the Canberra North Bowling Club in 2014, we’ve been committed to providing support to a variety of clubs and associations, from business groups, to Not for Profit organisations and education institutions.

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Our RUC refresh – renos and refurb to kick off soon

RUC Reno

What’s better than visiting the RUC? Visiting the NEW RUC of course! You may have heard we are undergoing a major renovation and refurbishment. Well, you heard right! We will be refreshing the Club just in time for summer. Read more

One serve of spring with a side of tennis


tennisSpring is here and what better way to bring it in than with a spot of tennis in the leafy surrounds of Turner. With the Turner Tennis Club right across the road from the RUC, it’s the perfect combination for a sunny spring day in Canberra. At the RUC we are all about supporting and partnering with the local community, to provide a variety of experiences to our members. If you’re up for a hit, here is all you need to know: Read more

Your winter bowls day out

RUC Winter Bowls

Canberra winters aren’t so bad, with fresh mornings that turn into crisp, sunny days and not a cloud in the sky. We are encouraging you to make the most of it and spend a day out on the greens breathing in that fresh Canberra air. Read more

It’s time to de-Hipsterfy Canberra

Hipster the RUC


Maybe it’s geography, maybe it’s my age – but what is with Hipsters in Canberra?  When did they start popping up and who has been responsible for their surging in numbers?

Courtesy of: Marketing – from:…

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