Nights out on the cheap

Work is getting you down and you’re super keen to hang out with your mates. Better still head out for the night with your mates. But is your wallet as keen? Ah…not so much.

You could just stay in and watch a movie, play cards, or watch the paint dry. OR you could still head out for the night. Yes, you can. Really. You just need to know your penny-pinching options.

To start with, it’s all about the venue. Choose  The RUC at Barton or Turner . We’ve got a load of ways you can have a top night out without spending a fortune – or all of your card game winnings at the very least!

Here’s what we reckon

  • Come in on a Monday for FREE pool, giant Jenga and Jukebox Mondays at The RUC at Turner
  • Bring $30. $30! That’s all you need for barefoot bowling, beer and a burger on Sundays – that’s the food, drink and entertainment boxes well and truly ticked at The RUC at Turner
  • Score the ultimate adult’s ‘Happy Meal’. Tuesday nights at The RUC at Turner you can grab a Schnitty & Middy for just $14.90, or a Parma and Pint for $19.90.
  • At The RUC at Barton you can fill up with steaks, fish and curry for $11.90 every day from 12pm-9pm. You can’t stay in for food that cheap!
  • Friday nights is meat raffles night at The RUC at Turner from 5-7pm. Grab some tickets and you never know, you might not have to fork out for food at home for the next week!
  • Kick off the weekend with our weekly beer specials on Fridays. Grab a jug of the weekly special for just $12. Pocket money!
  • Become a member – you can sign up for membership at The RUC at Barton or Turner entry, or submit the form online. Membership is only $5 for the year, or $10 for three years. Once you-re in, you’re in for stacks of savings like $3.90 basic spirits 8-10pm, and $4.90 schooners all day every day. Let the savings begin!
  • Head in on Wednesday with your membership card in tow and you could win the badge draw – if you take the weekly jackpot, cheap nights out won’t be on your ‘to do’ list for a while.

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