10 signs you’re a sports addict

Dreaming of your team making the grand final? Fantasizing about scoring the winning goal in the final minutes? Gotta run home from a date to catch the game? You could be suffering from what we term, sports addiction.

We guess as far as addictions go, being addicted to sports aint too bad. You get a bit of activity, well vicariously anyway. And you get to bond with your mates and work colleagues over a shared passion, or enjoy some healthy team rivalry.

Here’s our 10 signs you could be a sports addict

  1. You can’t go to sleep unless you’ve heard the latest scores.
  2. Your TV is ALWAYS tuned to the sports channel, much to your partner’s annoyance.
  3. You NEVER miss a game when your favourite team is playing.
  4. You’re at an important function like a family wedding and you keep checking the TV in the bar for a score update.
  5. You are prepared to travel anywhere – interstate or overseas- to see your team play.
  6. All your games MUST be watched live, recorded games just don’t cut it, and a big screen is preferred.
  7. Your team colours are worn religiously, even under your work clothes.
  8. Your coffee mug bears your team emblem.
  9. You still have sports posters on your wall – sometimes you frame them to appear more mature.
  10. You brainwash your kids to follow your teams even though they’re not old enough to talk yet.

Rest easy. You’re not alone in your sports addiction. Here at The RUC we love our sports too.

We were founded on it, starting up as the ACT Rugby Union Club in Barton. Today we have two venues – the original The RUC at Barton  and our more recent addition, The RUC Turner with its history steeped in the sport of lawn bowls.

We’re a great place to just pop in and catch the rugby with a beer, and we’ve got plasmas and a big screen for all major sporting events screened with FOX Sports Australia. At The RUC Turner we’ve also got sports on the big screen every Saturday. Be sure to stop in for your next sports fix.

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