Everything you need to know about ‘barefoot’ bowls at Turner

It’s the height of summer. Time to strip back and enjoy Canberra’s glorious hot sunny weather in your shorts and thongs. Or better still no shoes at all!

There aren’t many sports you can enjoy in your new found shoeless state or thongs! But there’s always ‘barefoot’ bowls, and summer is a fabulous time to hit the greens.

So, how does barefoot bowls differ from normal bowling?

Well for a start, obviously it’s in the name – no shoes! Flat soled shoes with no tread or heels, such as thongs are absolutely acceptable.

Secondly, the rules are a lot simpler than regular or competition lawn bowls. Casual clothes and a casual attitude.

Other rules include*

– All bowls must remain within the boundary of your rink (the green ‘lane’ you’re playing in)

– A bowl that goes in the ditch without touching the jack is removed from play

– All other bowls count

– Sides bowl alternately in a singles game or as a team

– Points are scored on the number of bowls from the same side that are nearest to the jack

*Source: Barefoot Bowls NSW

Other fun facts about playing bowls at The RUC at Turner

– Socialise, eat and drink while you play

– The greens are real grass and beautifully maintained

– You can have a Bowls Butler look after you during your game (optional)

– Rent a rink or a whole green or two!

– Shade cloths and drinks holders are located at the green so you don’t have to worry about sunburn or losing your beverage, and there are designated smoking areas

– When you’re done, head on into the clubhouse for some air con and delicious refreshments


Barefoot bowls is an Aussie staple and makes a great afternoon out with your mates or after work activity with your colleagues. All you need to do is follow our simple and friendly barefoot bowling instructions and you’re good to go.

You can enjoy barefoot bowls at The RUC at Turner, its closeness to Civic and its beautiful lush surroundings. It’s the perfect place to be this summer, so come and take your shoes off with us!

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