Makes friends with steak

Steak. Is there any better staple pub food than the good old fashioned steak?

But…when it comes to steak, do you really know how to choose and cook it well?

Here’s our tips from the RUC Head Chef, Fraser Rowntree:

Choose and you won’t lose

  1. Get to know the different cuts and their characteristics. Fillet will be the most tender, but a scotch or rib eye will have more flavour due to the fat content.
  2. Ask your butcher for the MSA grading of the steak you are buying – you pay for what you get in terms of quality.
    Choose an even thickness steak as it will cook more consistently.
  3. The more the marbling, the more flavour.

Cook it to perfection

  1. Think ahead. Try and have your steak at room temperature before you start.
  2. Rub your steak with oil and season with salt and pepper at the last minute.
  3. Make sure your grill is hot. Grills and barbecues have hot spots so make sure you know your equipment well.
  4. It’s all in the timing. A three centimetre thick medium rare steak will take about four to five minutes each side depending on the heat of the grill. At The RUC in Barton and Turner, we temperature probe all our steaks to ensure they’re cooked correctly. A medium rare steak’s internal temperature will be 45 degrees.
  5. So you’ve cooked the perfect steak and can’t wait to eat it… DON’T! Let it rest for a further five minutes to allow the juices to distribute evenly throughout the steak.

So there it is, best of luck cooking your perfect steak. If you’re not up for that, come and see us for a truly great all-Australian steak and we’ll do the work for you.

At The RUC in Barton and Turner we select a combination of grass and grain fed cattle, and all our steaks have been graded under the Meat Standards Australia grading system, have a marble score and place of origin.

Find out more about our steaks at the RUC Grill.


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