Choosing the right beer for YOU

A beer’s a beer’s a beer, right? Wrong.

With so many standard, premium and craft home grown and international beer varieties doing the rounds right now, your beer tastes can change from season to season, and moment to moment.

With this in mind, here’s our quick guide for selecting the right beer for the moment:

  1. Savour the flavour – what kind of flavour are you seeking? If you’re looking for rich maltiness with a fruity/hoppy finish, go for Kosciusko Pale Ale. Seeking something more crisp and dry, head for Hahn Super Dry. Feel like a full bodied lager with a smooth hop bitterness, try James Boags Draught.
  2. Heavy medium or light – what kind of day/night are you planning? Are you the designated driver? Gotta get up early for work in the morning? Planning on staying up late? You must check out the alcohol content in your beer. Decide whether you’re after a full strength beer like Carlton at 4.9% , mid strength like XXXX Gold at 3.5%, or a light beer such as Hahn Premium Light at 2.7%
  3. Don’t listen to the so called experts – pick a beer that suits you. If you’re a guy and you like drinking cider on a hot summer’s day out on the Greens, you can’t go past the crisp dry taste of Orchard Crush cloudy cider.  If you’re gal and you love the idea of a schooner of Coopers Dark on a cold Canberra winter’s day, or a Tradie who needs to stick to mid strength  to avoid a fight with the missus when you get home, that’s absolutely fine!  And for you hipsters that like the taste of Hahn Premium Light, no one’s judging.
  4. Full Taste or sessionable – if you’re having a drink over lunch and need to go back to work, try matching a full bodied beer like an American Pale Ale or IPA with your steak, burger or hot roll. Alternatively if you are in for the long haul (friend’s birthday party, barefoot bowling day, buck’s or hen’s night) Coopers Original Pale Ale has no additives, preservatives or added sugar and won’t mess with your health.

Jeremy’s Pick:

The Secretary Manager of the RUC likes: “James Squire 150 Lashes Pale Ale because it tastes fantastic, isn’t too hoppy, and you can get away with drinking a mid-strength because your mates have been sucked in by the fantastic marketing. It’s a really great beer.”

So ‘hop’ to it and seek out the right beer for you. Our new drinks menu includes great beer specials – $4 for a schooner of Coopers on Friday afternoons, $4.90 for a schooner of Boags Draught all day every day, and $3.50 for Hahn Super Dry 3.5 from 3pm to 5pm on weekdays.Cheers to beers!

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