How to make the perfect coffee

Are you a coffee connoisseur? An addict who can’t possibly start the day without that caffeine hit? Or perhaps you’re a social coffee-drinker?

Whatever your consumption choice, it has become socially acceptable to drink this deliciously warm stimulant like it’s going out of fashion, and rightly so.

There is nothing worse than coffee that’s lukewarm, airy frothed, or burnt.. Your coffee should always have a beautiful aroma, taste and body with silk-like crème.

At the RUC, we love to make [and drink] great coffee. Here we share our top tips on how to make perfect coffee. When you have the right combination of these key elements – the machine, grinder, blend and barista – it is an art form.

The espresso process

It is important to note that Espresso is not a type of bean, it refers to the type of brewing. The beans are sourced from local Ona coffee, and the blend is ‘The Hitman’. When consumed black it is full-bodied and buttery with a long, nutty aftertaste. With milk, it is well balanced and full flavoured with a long linger of nuts and malt.

It is important to note that coffee is best when extracted at recommended doses (different roasters and beans will have different recommendations) – too much extraction gives you a bitter taste; too little extraction results in less flavour; coffee grind that is too fine (over extraction) leaves a bitter and acidic aftertaste; coffee too coarse (under extraction) and you’ll get a low flavour profile.

Our friends at Ona coffee recommend the guide be followed when pouring the coffee to ensure maximum flavour is produced:

  • Extraction Volume (how much coffee is used for a given quantity of water): 38-42 grams
  • Extraction Time (the length of time the water runs through the coffee) 18-25 second
  • Temperature: 94 degrees Celsius

Milk steaming

If you like your coffee white, read on. The majority of white coffees are cappuccino, café latte or flat white, and then there’s a teeny tiny piccolo latte. It is important that the milk be ‘stretched’ correctly.

The milk should be steamed to 65-70 degrees Celsius, creating a creamy, almost glistening ultra fine foam with barely visible bubbles. Milk made right will extract a natural sweetness. Gone are the days of the of the ‘cappuccino fairy floss foam’ – it’s all about smooth texture and flavour.

At the RUC, we produce a cup of coffee that is delicious and hits the spot. We are proud to be using locally roasted beans and top notch machines. And we’re all about providing consistent quality and service. For optimum coffee drinking pleasure, either a straight black or a white coffee with full cream milk is recommended by the experts. But if you prefer a skim, double shot or soy decaf, we can help you out with that too.

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