Liquor Licencing laws in the ACT – how the RUC plays ball

Have you heard there’s been a bit of stick being given to Canberra’s hospitality venues of late? Gaming, health, liquor licencing, noise and the like? If you’re an exclusive patron of the RUC, then perhaps not. Hell yes we’re the good guys and our venues are an awesome part of the local community. However, the issues surrounding alcohol and its effects on the local community are definitely not to be taken lightly.

Back in 2010, the liquor legislation and regulation in the ACT was reformed, in part, to respond to growing concerns about the levels of violent and anti-social behaviour associated with the abuse of alcohol. And the laws are being reviewed again.

Here’s just a few ways the RUC has taken positive steps to address these serious issues:

  • Pre-loading is becoming more common – the act of drinking lots of cheap alcohol before heading out for the night. We believe it’s unsavoury so instead of serving expensive drinks, we offer a range of affordable drinks specials and always serve it responsibly (all our licenses and employees hold their RSA).
  • Our location – with a large portion of alcohol related issues in Canberra being concentrated in Civic, the RUC at Turner is in a central, safe, community location away from the big problem areas.
  • Our alcohol adverting and promotions adhere to strict regulations.
  • We adhere to recommendations regarding noise levels to ensure there’s no unwanted loitering or out of control noise in Turner’s residential streets.
  • We offer food and drink deals like Schnitty with a Midi and Parmi with a Pint to ensure our members are getting a good hearty club meal with their drinks.
  • When compared with nightclubs and bars, clubs have a much more positive, community vibe with people enjoying a few drinks, a meal and sports on the big screen with family and friends. You won’t find 3am dancefloor jaunts at our premises.

How does it affect you?

  • It is a $220 offence (and on the spot fine) to abuse, threaten or intimidate a staff member.
  • It’s a $440 on the spot fine if you are asked to leave a premises and refuse to do so
  • Please respect our neighbours when leaving the club (they and their kids are probably asleep).
  • Outside bars are now permissible in the ACT, so on our big days we will have a quick service can bar so you won’t get thirsty.

We’re all for having fun, and we know everyone enjoys a drink with their mates. Rest assured the RUC is doing our bit to help address alcohol consumption and related issues in the ACT – and we love being part of a caring community.  If in doubt have as much fun as you like but don’t break anything or ruin other people’s enjoyment of the RUC and you’ll be fine.

(Image: instagrammer @amandyliang)

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