Your winter bowls day out

RUC Winter Bowls

Canberra winters aren’t so bad, with fresh mornings that turn into crisp, sunny days and not a cloud in the sky. We are encouraging you to make the most of it and spend a day out on the greens breathing in that fresh Canberra air. The RUC greens host a sunny patch of pleasure, with views of Black Mountain, Telstra Tower and Haigh Park. With your favourite beverage in hand and some tunes to serenade your senses, your day on the greens is sure to be a good one!

We’ve pulled together a list to ensure that you will have the most enjoyable time out on the greens at the RUC.

What to wear

With a north and westerly aspect for our greens, on a fine day you can expect full sun and average temperature of 14°C. Our leafy hedges act as wind breakers, so leave your puffy down jacket at home and look forward to a nice dose of vitamin D. Our advice on the day’s attire:

  • Layer up – avoid big jackets as they tend to restrict your bowling technique
  • Barefoot bowling can = flat soled shoes, no shoes or let’s meet in the middle with thermal socks! Or double down and wear flat soled moccasins to keep your toes nice and toasty
  • Headwear – we suggest hats or beanies, although it is winter the U.V is still high
  • Sunglasses – don’t let the glare impair your perfect bowl, sunglasses are a must.

What to bring

  • Camera or phone – for happy snaps
  • RUC members card – your card is required gain access to discounted food, drinks and accrue RUC Rewards points. If you’re not a member, we can sign you up at the front desk for only $5 for a year or $10 for three.
  • A competitive edge or the total opposite – each to their own (or who you’re playing with!)

What’s supplied

If you have never bowled before, not to worry. We love to introduce first timers to the game. Our bowls butlers will give you a run-down on the technical aspects of lawn bowls. Here is a list of what’s included:

  • Your own rink on our lengthy green with scoreboards
  • Sets of bowls, mats and jack
  • Reclining outdoor chairs, benches and shades
  • Outdoor high tables and stools
  • Groovy tunes, flowing from our outdoor speakers
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • A great environment where fun is to be had!

When it’s time to refuel

To ensure you have maximum bowling time, our bowls butlers will hand deliver your meals right to your green. A tip – select meals that don’t require cutlery, so you can casually eat and get back to the game.

What does it cost?

It’s cheap as chips with adults games costings $15, students $8 and kids are free! Oh, and we have our BBB Special every Sunday that will set you back $30 for a game of bowls, a burger and a beer. Sounds good, huh?

Feeling the cold?

We’ve got you sorted. Hire our outdoor Brazier Fire for your rink for just $25. Be sure to book in advance. We’ll set it up for you and your friends to stand around and warm up your fingers in between bowls.
Grab your family and friends, book a green for the afternoon and try your hand at winter barefoot bowls.


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