Ring in the New Year at the RUC



2017 is almost upon us. It seems a little shocking but true. No turning back the clock here, the new year is fast approaching. So, what are you going to do for it?

Just for a bit of fun, we thought we’d share with you some of the strangest new year’s traditions from around the world. Did you know:

  • In Denmark people save all their unused dishes and plates until New Year’s Eve when they affectionately shatter them against the doors of their friends and family.
  • In Ecuador, New Year’s is celebrated by burning paper-filled scarecrows at midnight.
  • In Scotland, the first person to cross the threshold of a home in the new year should carry a gift for good luck.


And our favourite of them all…

  • In Estonia people eat seven times on New Year’s Day to ensure abundance in the new year!

Anyway, enough of that craziness, our suggestion is to keep it simple and relaxing and say helloooo to 2017 at the RUC.  Why not make a day (and night) of it – settle inside or pull up a pew in front the greens. Drinks will be flowing – grab a jug of Pimms or an ice-cold bucket of Coronas to share with your mates. And don’t forget about our summer menu – available until late.

So then we get to the actual new year. New year. New you – you know, new year’s resolutions and all that. New us…well we have been making some significant changes around the place.

In early 2017 our renovations will almost be complete. And our own new year’s resolution is to give you the same great weekly events, food and drink specials, and really look after our members as we’re known to, but all from our newly renovated Club.

Long lazy summers await – a spot of bowls, a burger, a frozen margarita or an ice-cold beer on the new deck. The choice is all yours…and not as difficult as smashing dishes, burning scarecrows or eating seven times (although if you want to do that last one, we’ll support you!)



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