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The RUC by Instagrammer eiki85

Well this is going to come as a shock to most of you, but…

Did you know that going to the club is actually GOOD for you? True. The research even says so.

New research from Oxford University in the UK, and published in an article by The Shout, suggests that visits to a local pub increases social engagement which can improve overall wellbeing. The research was undertaken through a number of questionnaires with over 2200 responses.

The report said: “The survey data suggests that respondents who have a ‘local’ that they visit on a regular basis are more socially engaged, feel more contented in their lives, and are more likely to trust other members of their community.”

Professor Robin Dunbar, from Oxford’s experimental psychology department, said: “Our social networks provide us with the single most important buffer against mental and physical illness,”.

So, there you go, a big plus for heading to your local, it can be extra good for you!

Here’s some other reasons why the RUC is good for what ales you:

  • The sense of community – the RUC provides a home away from home for the residents of Canberra’s Inner North. What better way to discover what’s going on in your own backyard than over a friendly schooner?
  • You could eat free for a week – by winning our weekly meat raffles, every Friday night 5-7pm.
  • We’ll make you smarter – grow your brain with us at free weekly trivia where you’ll learn all sorts of interesting facts, Thursdays 7pm.
  • We can save you money – we’re easy on the hip pocket with great drinks prices, $10 burgers all day on Wednesdays, and $10 Schnitties all day Tuesday.
  • Keep fit – lawn bowls and tennis will keep you active physically, and who doesn’t love a bit of friendly rivalry.
  • Be social – getting out with friends, and making new ones, is great for your mind and general wellbeing. There are many health benefits to being socially engaged in the community.
  • It’s all about you – we make it all about you, our members, through a range of great RUC rewards including weekly cash prizes.

Well, it’s a proven fact. Heading to your local in good for you! We’ll see you at the RUC soon.

Image: Instagrammer @eiki85

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