We’re all brand NEW

RUC - New renovations mean a new deck

We’ve totally done it. The new RUC is now rockin and rollin for your enjoyment.

So, what’s in it for you?

Plenty it turns out – new RUC, new chef, new menu.

New RUC? Yep, well a big part of it is new. You know how we’ve been doing those renos over the last few months… they’re all done.

There’s our new outdoor deck, raised lounge area and double-sided fireplace, a new entry and reception area, a café, dining room, configurable function spaces and renovated bathrooms including a new powder room for the ladies.

New Head Chef? Tick. Chef Navi Singh has over 15 years’ experience in Canberra’s top restaurants, hotels and clubs. With a wife, one child and one dog (who doesn’t come with him to the RUC), Navi is a poet, songwriter and cricketer with a passion for great food – his previous experience includes Emilio’s Seafood Restaurant, Hellenic Club Woden and Southern Cross Club Tuggeranong.

The bottom line, he’s good at food and we are super pleased to have him in the RUC kitchen.
Looking forward to a New RUC menu? Big Tick. In a fortnight’s time our food menu will be revamped and refreshed and will offer a variety of club favourites and contemporary items, to ensure all our hungry members are fed, and fed well. A few of the new tasty additions include a larger schnitzel, an organic beef burger, and chilli cheese fries. We also have a new café menu with sweet, savoury, and hot beverage options all available from the display fridge in the cafe.

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