It IS Easy Being Green

The RUC's Unbeatable Greens

Our annual greens report has come through, and The RUC has scored perfect results on two of our greens (and near perfect on the third). Such great results mean that we’re happy to say we have some of the best greens in the ACT.

So, what do perfect greens mean for our bowlers? It means consistent speed and trajectory of bowl thanks to the flat, hard surface. The tight knit couch grass matting means that there are no gaps, making our greens as nice to play on as they are to look at.

You might be wondering how we do it? We renovate all three greens annually and make sure there are minimal weeds. Our greens keeper, Terry Doyle, and our apprentice Joe are the people to thank for all the hard work and dedication that is regularly and frequently put into our greens.

In other words, barefoot bowlers are experiencing some of the best and most authentic lawn bowl playing conditions in the country. And that’s a pretty big feat… It certainly makes other clubs green with envy!

We are proud of our greens and ask our members and guests to assist Terry and Joe in maintaining our high standard, giving you the optimum bowls experience. Here’s a few tips to assist:

  • Bowl from both ends of the green so as to not have to send the bowls back down the other end each time.
  • Bend your knees. This means the bowl then rolls smoothly, doesn’t bounce, and saves your back to boot!
  • Keep drinks off the greens – sugar and alcohol are really bad for grass, and broken glass is really bad for bare feet (and the lawn mower…).
  • Avoid putting pressure on the edges of the greens otherwise the bowls will just roll off the sloping edge into the sand.
  • Wear flat-soled shoes or bare feet. For clarity, this just means no heels or thick tread. Ugg boots are still a goer for the cooler months!

Summer may still be some time away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of our amazing greens now. Join us on any Sunday in winter for Ugg Boot Bowls and embrace the cold with Ugg boots, a beanie, jacket, gloves, brazier fire, and your favourite warming beverage.

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