RUC supports local rugby with new gym

We just love our local sport at The RUC!

We currently support several sporting groups including local cricket, rugby, touch football and hockey. There are about a dozen clubs that use The RUC function and meeting rooms for their presentations, dinners and meetings, and we also financially support many of the ACT’s local sporting clubs.

In fact, last year alone, we contributed almost $45,000 in community support, of which sport was a major recipient. We are a community club and these proceeds directly contribute to improving the community.

Of course, the sport of lawn bowls is pivotal for our club but, did you know that we’ve even helped build a gym for one local rugby team? We figured, if we build it, they will come. And these guys really needed it.

The Owl’s Rugby Club plays its games just down the road at the ANU and use the RUC to meet and socialise. The RUC had an unused building which was previously the old bowls clubhouse in the 1960s. We knew it would make a perfect gym for the Rugby teams to improve their strength and conditioning.

Creating the gym for the Owls was a combined effort. We donated the building space, the gym equipment was donated by various sources, and the creation of the new gym was a hands-on effort by the RU, and Owls players and volunteers. Walls were removed, plumbing and electrical were installed and the equipment was set up.

Now the gym is used every day by rugby players from both the men’s and women’s teams. All players can train in a sound, safe environment, using quality equipment close to their home ground. And as a bonus, they can also pop into The RUC for a hearty meal and a quick drink post training session. Winning!

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