Rug up and Ugg up for Uggboot bowls

Uggboot bowls at the RUCBarefoot bowls are out, Uggboot bowls are in. Our favourite winter pastime, Uggboot bowls is back, and we want to tell you our top four reasons why you should play the game this winter.


  1. Embrace the Canberra climate. One of the best parts about our city is that we get all four seasons. Grab a beanie, a puffy jacket and your Uggs and make the most of our city’s coldest season by staying cosy and comfy out on the greens.


  1. Make a day of it. Grab a few of your best mates, grab some drinks and some of our delicious food and spend a day catching up and making memories (without feeling the least bit chilly).


  1. Keep winter fun. It might sound like a good idea to stay indoors, but we can promise you that you’ll have way more fun being active outdoors than you will hibernating inside.


  1. Warm your insides too. Keeping rugged up on the outside is one way to keep the heat in. The other? Mulled cider and wine on tap. You really can’t go wrong.


So, join us for a sunny day on the greens while keeping toasty warm and make the most of spending a little time outdoors, soaking up that vitamin D!

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