Beat the back to work slump

We’ve all been there. No matter how much you love your job, there’s always that sinking feeling when you must face facts – Christmas is over, New Year’s has been, your pants are a little tighter and your holidays are drawing to a close.

It’s the back to work blues.

On the bright side, we’re still in the swing of summer which means you’re surrounded by all those summery good things which can always lift your mood, even in the midst of returning to work – hot summer days, swims in the pool, balmy nights, summer fruit, cicadas calling,  cricket on the telly and a cold one or two at the end of your working day.

At the RUC, we’ve got a few more summery good things on offer which are sure to help you beat the back to work slump.

  • Frozen cocktails – cocktails, frozen. All that yummy goodness is made even better as it’s icy cold, when you’re hot. Members can enjoy $7.90 frozen margaritas – cold AND good value!
  • Twilight bowls – just because you’ve worked all day doesn’t mean you have to miss out on some rec time with mates, especially given daylight savings offers hours of fun time after the workplace shuts shop. At Twilight Bowls you can enjoy a game of bowls as the sun sets. Bring the team after work for some social bowls or meet your friends for a debrief on the working week.
  • Summer sports – summer in Australia is just not summer without our major sporting events. Catch the summer favourites broadcast live at The RUC over summer. Don’t miss the Australian Open tennis from 7-27 January, and get your cricket fix with the Big Bash, ODI’s, T20’s and of course Canberra’s first ever cricket Test Match, when the Aussies play Sri Lanka on 1- 5 February.

Howzat! for beating the back to work slump with us?

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