Put the FUN in functions

Life’s a party, so why not celebrate with a bit of FUN? We can help you put the FUN in functions for your next big birthday, engagement party or simply because you have always wanted to organise a karaoke night with 60 of your closest friends! (Yes, we can really do that).


The key to a good function is to be organised. And our RUC Functions Manager, Anna, is super organised. She can help you out with finding the best food and drinks packages to suit you and exactly what you’re after – whether that be a milestone birthday, engagement or a party with family and friends simply for the hell of it.


We believe there are four simple, yet critical steps to follow to organise a function. The best part, you only need to focus completely on one of these four steps to get your party started, and Anna and the RUC team can work with you to take care of the rest!

The People

What’s a function without people? This really is the step you need to focus on the most. If you’re the function organiser you should concentrate on getting people to turn up. For a social function we recommend getting your invites out around six weeks prior, include an rsvp date and even consider a ‘save the date’ alert for special milestone birthdays like 21sts, 40 ths, 50ths or engagement parties. Why not take advantage of the colder weather and book in for UGG boot bowls? All the fun of barefoot bowls in the summer, but with warm and cosy footwear!

The Food

People have gotta eat! We can help you out with all your culinary questions with options to suit the function style and your budget. Choose from a cocktail function with finger food, or a sit-down meal – either from a buffet menu or day function menu.  We’ve got plenty of delicious food options for catering your event.

The Drinks

A man is not a camel. Nor is a woman for that matter. And if you’re organising an event, you want to put drinks high on your list. Think about if you want to put a bar tab on, or stick with a set drinks package. The basic bar tab formula is generally draught beer, red and white wine, sparkling and soft drink. You can also add bottled beer and spirits for events as well. We won’t let your guests go thirsty.

The Music

Whether your guests are into ACDC or the Arctic Monkeys, Lady Gaga or Led Zeppelin, the Top 40 or the 1940s, music is another great party starter for your social events. Just decide if you would like to use our RUC touch screen video jukebox, your own DJ, own band or other music. Too easy!


Check out what the RUC can offer for your next corporate functions, business events, parties, and social functions. Contact us with your function inquiry today, or contact the RUC Functions Manager,  Anna Montague, on 02 6247 7838 or email functions@theruc.com.au.

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