Supporting Our Community Through the Responsible Service of Alcohol

Here at the RUC, we make it our mission to provide our patrons with a space that is not only fun and accessible, but also welcoming and safe for everyone at all times. We recognise our obligation to not serve patrons to intoxication, not serve intoxicated patrons, and not serve or supply alcohol to minors (persons under the age of 18 years).

The liquor legislation and regulation in the ACT was reformed in 2010, partly in response to growing concerns about the levels of violent and anti-social behaviour associated with the abuse of alcohol.

The Liquor Amendment Bill 2017 passed through the Legislative Assembly in 2017 and made a number of changes to the ACT’s liquor legislation aimed at reducing alcohol related harm, improving the vibrancy of Canberra’s nightlife precincts, and removing the unnecessary regulation for the liquor and hospitality industry.

Some of these changes that affected the RUC include:

  • More powers to allow licensees to evict or refuse entry to an intoxicated, violent, or quarrelsome person.
  • Definition of ‘intoxicated’ changed to include intoxication by drugs.
  • Controlled purchase operations to improve compliance with laws prohibiting the sale of alcohol to minors.

How the RUC plays ball with the ACT’s liquor laws

The RUC values and supports the responsible service of alcohol at all times. We might not get too many wild ones looking for a night out in the city, but we must still meet our responsibility to ensure the safety of our patrons, neighbours and community.

Here are just a few of the ways the RUC addresses alcohol-fuelled behaviour and the serious concerns around violence and anti-social conduct.

  • All of our staff are educated in the responsible service of alcohol and hold up-to-date certification.
  • Our location in Turner in a central, safe, community location is away from the more central areas of Civic and Braddon.
  • Our alcohol advertising and promotions always adhere to strict regulations.
  • We offer great food deals from midday to ensure people can consume a meal with their drinks at an affordable price.
  • Pre-loading – the act of drinking a large amount of cheap alcohol before heading out to your venue for the night – seems to be becoming more common. To counter this potentially dangerous behaviour, we offer a range of affordable drinks specials so people can enjoy drinking responsibly without emptying their wallet.
  • We adhere to noise level guidelines to ensure there’s no unwanted loitering or out of control noise in Turner’s residential streets.

How can the ACT’s liquor laws affect you?

The easiest way to stay out of trouble and know when you’re toeing the line, is by always listening to our staff and following their requests. We’re all having fun, and we know that everyone enjoys having a drink with their mates, but keep in mind that penalties for misbehaving can be quite strict.

  • It is an offence that carries a $220 on-the-spot fine to abuse, threaten or intimidate any of our staff members.
  • It is an offence that carries a $440 on-the-spot fine if you are asked to leave the premises and you refuse to do so.
  • Please respect our neighbours when leaving the Club, especially late in the night.

If you’re in doubt about what behaviour is acceptable, a good way to think about it is you can have as much fun as you like but don’t break anything or ruin other people’s enjoyment of the RUC and you’ll be fine.

Patrons are welcome to speak to staff if they feel unsafe or concerned about alcohol and anti-social behaviour.

Read more about our responsible service of alcohol here.

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