Sporty RUC Staff Walking The Walk In Our Community

The RUC is a massive supporter of local sports, as is evident from the many local clubs and teams we sponsor in the Canberra community.  

We support community sports from the grassroots level right through to senior teams with sponsorships and funding, providing a venue for players to unwind after training and games, as well as hosting their awards ceremonies and post season celebrations. We also support them from the sidelines, cheering on all of our favourite local teams and players.  

It’s not only supporting community sports though; the RUC team take an active interest in their health and wellbeing, and staff have been going to Functional Fitness in Mitchell twice weekly as part of a new workplace health and wellbeing  initiative. 

The RUC’s Secretary Manager Jeremy Wilcox says the sessions have been challenging, but a great health learning exercise.  

“The team are loving heading down to see Dave twice a week, particularly as we are being taught how to be healthy, rather than just being hammered in a workout, although a bit of that happens too! Ned’s favourite exercise – burpees. Ally likes the dead lift, Vili chin ups and Anna is great at lifting the dead ball to bench,” Jeremy said. 

“Personally, I’ve been feeling fresher and have noticed my fitness improving every week. Plus, the post-workout ginger beer tastes extra good after working up a sweat!” 

Some of the RUC’s staff members also support community sports by participating, coaching and volunteering for their local clubs and teams.  

Can you spot Ari, Charlie, Ben, and Ollie in the above premiership photo?

We asked around the Club to find out a bit more about what people are playing, you can check out their responses below: 

Staff member name: Charlie Kenna 

Position/role at RUC: Bowls Enforcer / Bistro Till 

Sport/club they play for: ANU Cricket Club, Ainslie Football Club 

Position/role in their sport: Opening Batsman / Half Back  

Favourite RUC meal/drink: RUC Burger with a Smirnoff and cucumber infusion 

Any other interesting comments/achievements: Charlie won the flag with Ainslie Football Club, and while playing cricket in high school he broke the record for the highest individual score against Radford. 

Staff member name: Ari Albrecht 

Position/role at RUC: Bar Staff 

Sport/club they play for: ANU Cricket Club, Ainslie Football Club 

Position/role in their sport: Player 

Favourite RUC meal/drink: Steak burger with a ‘Tooheys cocktail’ 

Any other interesting comments/achievements: Won the premiership in 2020 playing for the Ainslie Football Club with Charlie, Ben, and Ollie.  

Staff member name: Olivia Nobbs 

Position/role at RUC: Floor / Bar Staff 

Sport/club they play for: Woden Blues Netball Club 

Position/role in their sportCentre, Wing Attack and Wing Defence 

Favourite RUC meal/drink: Vodka Pineapple 

Any other interesting comments/achievements: Olivia’s Division 1 team are top of the table in their current season.

Staff member name: Daisy Cordukes 

Position/role at RUC: Floor / Bar Staff 

Sport/club they play for: Netball in the internal ANU competition 

Position/role in their sportGoal Shooter / Goal Attack 

Favourite RUC meal/drink: Vodka soda 

Any other interesting comments/achievements: Was awarded for her commitment and dedication to sport in Year 12. 

Staff member name: Claudia Finlayson 

Position/role at RUC: Bar Attendant 

Sport/club they play for: Tennis 

Position/role in their sportPlayer 

Favourite RUC meal/drink: Steak and chips with a cold Brookvale Ginger Beer to wash it down 

Any other interesting comments/achievements: Claudia’s brother and father are Olympic rowers so she left this section blank.. 

Staff member name: Brendan Hayes 

Position/role at RUC: Bar Manager 

Sport / club they play for: AFL for the Gungahlin Jets 

Position/role at the club: Defender in Division 2 

Favourite RUC meal/drink: Medium rare steak with a ginger beer 

Any other interesting comments/achievements: Bench presses 180 kgs. 

Staff member name: TK  

Position/role at RUC: Bar Staff 

Sport / club they play for: ANU Cricket Club 

Position/role at the club: 1st Grade Batsman  

Favourite RUC meal/drink: Nothing beats a parmi and a VB 

Any other interesting comments/achievements: Dreams of getting a call up to the RUC Ravens cricket team one day.

Interested in joining the RUC team? Get in touch with us on or come into the Club to drop off your resume and have a chat. 

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