Introducing UC Snow Sports

The UC Snow Sports Club is home to all things ski and board at the University of Canberra. The club competes in the UniSport Snow Nationals each year as well as organising and attending plenty of social trips throughout the year.

UC Snow Sports was founded in 2007 before officially partnering and becoming affiliated with UC Sport in the early 2010s. They have traditionally been a smaller club, before growing exponentially since 2020 to become one of the largest clubs on campus at UC.

They offer a range of activities and opportunities to people who want to participate either socially or competitively with the club. They also welcome people who have never been to the snow before, through to race skiers and snowboarders who compete at a national level.

The RUC loves supporting clubs like UC Snow Sports because they encapsulate the spirit of the RUC—inclusivity, community, a mix of social and sporting activities, and encouraging everyone to have a great time along the way.

As part of our support, The RUC is offering free memberships for all members of UC Snow Sports. UC Snow Sports is asking all members to please fill out this online form. Cards will be available for collection at our next event.

We caught up with UC Snow Sports Club President Caroline about what makes their club such a special community.

What UC Snow Sports do

“Over the years, we have worked hard to ensure there is something for everyone at our club. Whether you just want the opportunity to meet new people or if you want to take snow sports seriously, we have something available for you; our members don’t have to be skiers/snowboarders, or even go to UC.

The highlights of our year are our Uni Week trip held in Thredbo in July, the Social Week trip held in Perisher in August, and Uni Nationals which will be held in Mt Buller in September this year.

Uni Week and the Social Week trip are week-long social events run with ANU Snow Sports where skiers and snowboarders of any ability are encouraged to attend. Uni Nationals is our week-long competitive event for the year, where a variety of races are held for skiers (including cross country) and snowboarders to compete against people from universities all over Australia. The event hasn’t been held since 2019, where we won a gold, silver, and bronze medal, so we look forward to the return of Nationals this year!

Team UC at UniSports Nationals in 2018

We also hold weekend trips to the South Coast and Jindabyne in March and April each year as an opportunity for a bit of pre-season bonding. These are a great way to meet some new mates before the cooler months set in.

UC and ANU Snow Sports at Jindy Trip in 2021

Last year saw the creation of a new event—our Beginner’s Trip. This event, held in late June, is the perfect opportunity for first timers and beginners to head to the snow over a weekend and learn how to ski or snowboard with qualified instructors from Perisher.

Team UC at our first ever Beginner’s Trip in 2021

Returning this year, we also have our Camping Trip, also held in late June, in which members of the club can participate in a weekend of skiing or snowboarding and camping in the snow.

Starting in 2022, we will also be hosting a Social Trip (Weekend Edition) at Perisher in early September. This will be a smaller version of our week-long trips, and we are so excited to see this event get up and running.

We also hope this year we can offer day trips for students wishing to cross country ski or ski tour. We are looking forward to growing in this capacity and making our club more inclusive for all types of skiers and riders.

Other highlights of the year are our social events: Meet n Greet, Fridge to Fridge, and SnowBall, which are also held with ANU Snow Sports. Given that the snow season runs for only roughly 4 months of the year, it is important to us that we stay connected through regular social events to maintain our club community. We hold regular team meetings and dinners at The RUC for members of our club to meet each other and stay in touch.

Meet and Greet 2022 at the RUC

The RUC and UC Snow Sports       

We are so excited to be partnered with the RUC this year! We have always enjoyed attending their venue, not only because the food, drinks and atmosphere are incredible, but also because they have amazing customer service and spaces to suit our every need.

They have always catered to every request we have made and made us feel welcome. The wide and open spaces, as well as its great location between the University of Canberra and the City has made it an ideal place for us to call home.

We love coming to the RUC for our annual Meet n Greet and Fridge to Fridge events, as well as our regular team meetings and dinners. We are grateful for the opportunity to be partnered with them and are looking forward to the rest of the year.

Meet and Greet 2022 at the RUC

Want to get involved? Get in touch with UC Snow Sports

If you want to find out more about UC Snow Sports, head to their Facebook Page or our website to find out more or stay up to date.

Team UC Member Hamish representing UC at UniSport Nationals in 2018
Team UC on our first ever Social Trip in 2020
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