Whose Shout is it anyway?

Once such a simple question, “Whose shout is it anyway?” would leave you only having to remember a brief list: 2 white wines, 2 beers and a jug of soft drink.

With the evolution of the bar menu and the refinement of our taste buds, drink menus have seen a rise in options that are not just your everyday beer and wine. For those who are a little tired of their usual schooner, there’s now a range of options, whether you are looking to treat yourself to something fancy, expand your horizons or need a gluten-free option, there’s sure to be something for you.

The RUC wants you to feel at home and for Summer we have added a few new options to quench your thirst, with more to follow.

Cocktails on tap                              

You’ll be forgiven for thinking these were made by hand. Our tap cocktails are the perfect mix of froth and caffeinated creaminess with our espresso martini or choose some frozen goodness that is the margarita or a strawberry daiquiri slushie.

As we enter Summer, we’ll be adding a fresh mojito for you to enjoy, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our new bar additions.


If you’re a lover of seltzers, we have news for you! The tasty and refreshing Byron Bay Watermelon and Mint Seltzer will be added just in time for the warmer weather when you’re basking in the sun on our new deck overlooking the greens.

Ciders and ginger beers

And if none of these has tickled your taste buds so far, we can guarantee an ice-cold crisp cider or ginger beer will do the trick. Best served over ice cubes and with a hint of freshly squeezed lime, the James Squire Ginger Beer on tap is a crowd pleaser for a reason.

Full of apples, light and refreshing, the Little Creatures Pipsqueak Apple Cider is made using 100% Australian ingredients and is best sipped cold (and preferably in a schooner).

Gluten free

We’d hate to think someone was missing out on having a beer when they really wanted to. TWOBAYS Brewing Co was Australia’s first gluten-free brewery. Launched in 2018, it has since grown to a core range of five beers. Currently stocked in the fridge behind the bar, we have the XPA, lager and pale ale – so no one needs to miss out.

Whether you’re over beer, just want to treat yourself to something fancy or try something new, there’s an option for everyone at the RUC. If not, it’s coming soon…

View our full range of drinks and drink specials, like our daily happy hour, here.

Published September 1, 2022 | Pricing and availability subject to change

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