Grub’s up! Check out the new menu at the RUC

Not only did the inside of the RUC get a makeover, but so did the menu! It might be cold outside, but our new menu will warm your heart, your belly and carry you into summer. Our chefs have been working hard to cook up some new dishes for everyone to enjoy. This new menu was something we couldn’t gatekeep any longer and we cannot wait for you to try our newest food options.

New delicious additions to the menu

While many of our menu items will stay the same, we have welcomed a few additions to our menu. You can now order items such as Brisket Bits, American Dry Rub Ribs, and Japanese Kale Salad. Spice up your sides with the new addition of our RUC Meat Lovers Pizza which includes our new Brisket Bits with the special RUC BBQ Sauce. We’re hungry just thinking about it!

Same weekly specials you know and love

Never fear, your specials haven’t gone anywhere. We know everyone loves a cheeky weeknight treat. That’s why we’re still serving you our $15 Monday Night Steaks, Schnitty’s on a Tuesday Night, Burgers on Wednesday Nights, and our student food and drink specials on Thursdays for Uni Night. You can still get the meals you know and love on the Weekly Specials as well as within our Usual Suspects section of the menu.

If you’re trying to avoid the Sunday scaries, we’ve got you covered. On Sundays, you can enjoy a little friendly competition between friends with our Burger, Bowls, Beer, or Bubbles package for $30 each. Take out the win and let all your friends know exactly what you are capable of.

Looking to kick back and enjoy a few beers? Our Happy Hour Special hasn’t gone anywhere either. Enjoy your choice of beer, cider, and ginger beer from our 12 taps between 4-5pm each weekday. These are just $5 each at Happy Hour and are definitely not one you want to miss. 

Head down to the RUC for the best feed of your life

If you’re looking for an excuse to get out of cooking dinner or a catch-up with mates, come discover our new menu and feast on our new delicious options. Which one will be your favourite? Head down to the RUC for your next feed to find out.

Published August 17, 2023 | Pricing and availability subject to change

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