A day on the green

Weekends are best spent on the green. The bowling green that is. Now that the weather has warmed up and spring is here, there’s no better way to spend the extra hours (thanks to daylight savings) than to play a game of barefoot bowls to dust off those winter scaries.

Day out with your mates

Looking for a different kind of outing with your mates that isn’t walking around the lake or sitting in front of a screen? Join us at the RUC for lawn bowls. Catch some rays and enjoy the warm, spring air while playing a friendly game of lawn bowls on our very own bowling greens.

If you’re anything like us, we’re super competitive with our mates when it comes to sport. Lawn bowls is no different. Bring your friends down to the RUC for a cheeky game (or three) of lawn bowls. Be on your A-game and bowl yourself a winner so your mates don’t make you shout them drinks afterwards.

RUCs Do’s and Don’ts – Lawn Bowls Edition

  • While it’s commonly called ‘barefoot bowls’, you don’t need to be barefoot to play. As long as your shoes are flat-soled, you’re good to go on the green. Flat-soled shoes include sneakers, thongs, and sandals. Shoes that have a tread or a heel on them are not to be worn on the green as it will damage the lawn greens.
  • Chippies and beer might be calling your name from the sidelines of the green but that’s where they should stay. Food and drink are not permitted on the greens. If you’re watching from the benches that surround the greens, that’s more than fine – it’s encouraged! 
  • A good game of bowls does not include trying to bowl over the competition (literally). The aim of the game is not to use excessive force to knock out other bowls in play. This can actually damage the bowls, disrupt other people’s games or even worse, break someone’s ankle. Try to play fair and nice to ensure trust, bowls or bones aren’t broken.
  • Pop a squat when you’re bowling. To ensure accuracy and no damage to the greens, please bowl from as low to the ground as possible. It doesn’t bode well for your game if you lob or chuck the bowl from a great height as you won’t be able to get a good angle or roll going.

You can find more information about tips and etiquette with barefoot bowls on our website.

Sustainability on the green

The RUC is dedicated to making a sustainable future for the Canberra community. That’s why we have recycling measures in place on our bowling greens to help create more sustainable and cost-effective solutions. 

How is the RUC implementing sustainability on the greens? We collect green waste from the bowling greens and add it to our compost station. It is then used by the ANU for their cricket pitches as well as mulch for our garden at the RUC. Our compost station is made of old beer keg crates, food scraps, and green waste from the bowling greens. Not just a pretty lawn, hey?

RUC Merch

Have you forgotten your hat, thongs, or sunscreen? No problem, you can purchase RUC branded thongs, bucket hats, sun hats, and sunscreen from the bar or reception at the club.

Book your next summer event at the RUC

If you’re looking for the perfect place for your next catch-up with mates this coming summer, look no further than the RUC. We have a diverse food and drinks menu that will satisfy everyone and plenty of bowling greens to get you in a competitive mood with your mates. To book your next group booking at the RUC, head to our group bookings page and submit your enquiry.

Published October 23, 2023 | Pricing and availability subject to change

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