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The RUC COVID-19 Update


Current as of 8:30 am 18/03/2020

On Monday morning ACT Chief minster Andrew Barr declared a state of emergency in the ACT following the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

We will follow advice and recommendations provided by ACT Health and the Australian Government and we’ll act is in the best interests of our patrons and staff.

The advice we are currently getting from the ACT and Federal Governments is that venues and clubs such as the RUC should remain open, but patrons and staff should exercise caution and monitor the situation as it changes.

The Club will be closed only at the direction of a regulatory authority or by resolution from the Club’s Board of Directors.

The banning of organised events with crowds of over 500 people has caused the suspension of Super Rugby and the immediate future of the NRL and AFL are unclear. As it currently stands, the John I Dent Cup will still be starting in just under two weeks.

We remain dedicated to providing sports fans in Canberra the best possible viewing experience and will work hard to ensure we can offer a safe and comfortable environment at the RUC.

There are no current restrictions on Australians participating in or attending local sports and bowling is a great non-contact and hygienic way to stay active. However, in any team environment there will be increased proximity and duration of physical contact that can facilitate the transmission of respiratory and gastrointestinal pathogens. We kindly encourage anyone concerned about their health to exercise extra caution when bowling.

Measures the RUC is putting in place:

All staff have been briefed and will always maintain the highest levels of hygiene and cleaning practices by:

  • Not shaking hands
  • Using hot water and disinfectant to clean all surfaces
  • Cleaning hands each time the bar is entered
  • Washing hands after collecting plates and glasses
  • Washing hands after washing used glassware
  • Wiping down tables and surfaces as often as possible
  • Wiping down toilet door handles
  • Wiping down poker machine buttons as customers arrive
  • Wiping down ATM/CRT/TAB terminals

The RUC will be maintaining club cleanliness by:

  • Hand sanitiser will be provided at Club entry, ATMs, poker machines, TAB terminals, etc. will be wiped down regularly.
  • Posters will be placed around the Club reminding patrons and staff of their obligations around hygiene and notification.
  • Tables will be wiped down and sanitised after each table seating.
  • Tables will be spread at least 1.5 metres wherever possible.
  • Individually wrapped, single use plastic cutlery and serviette packs will be available as a replacement to regular cutlery.
  • There will be a reduction in staff working at the venue, please be patient if you find our service to be slower than usual.

The RUC’s commitment to our staff

We are supporting all our staff who will be required to self-isolate as a result of COVID-19. Our casual team members will continue to receive pay for rostered shifts for up to two weeks if they are forced to stay home due to illness.

How you can help prevent the spread of viruses:

If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or feeling unwell, please reconsider your need to visit the RUC.

Maintain a high level of personal hygiene at home and at the Club. This means frequent hand washing, avoiding close contact with people exhibiting cold or flu-like symptoms and proper illness etiquette (if you are coughing or sneezing, do so away from people and into a tissue, your elbow or hands. If you cough or sneeze into your hands, make sure you wash your hands afterwards. Seek medical review early if you are feeling unwell).

If you plan to use an ATM or TAB terminal please ask our staff to wipe it clean before and after use.

Bowlers should avoid shaking hands and picking up other player’s bowls.

Don’t share meals. Use cutlery when eating in the restaurant (even for chips!).

This is an ongoing situation, and we will regularly update this page with the most up to date information.


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