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Your winter bowls day out

RUC Winter Bowls

Canberra winters aren’t so bad, with fresh mornings that turn into crisp, sunny days and not a cloud in the sky. We are encouraging you to make the most of it and spend a day out on the greens breathing in that fresh Canberra air. Read more

It’s time to de-Hipsterfy Canberra

Hipster the RUC


Maybe it’s geography, maybe it’s my age – but what is with Hipsters in Canberra?  When did they start popping up and who has been responsible for their surging in numbers?

Courtesy of: Marketing – from:…

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Members, brace yourselves. It’s time to be seriously rewarded

Our RUC Rewards Loyalty Program is finally universal! What does that mean?

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RUC Rewards: All you need to know

RUC Rewards

RUC Member [RUC Mem-ber]:


  1. a person who has joined the RUC , is a lover of sports, good company and fun times.

Sounds like something you want to be a part of, right? Not only do you get to play an active part of the RUC community we’ve built up over the years, but you’ll be able rack up tangible RUC Rewards. What does this involve you ask? All the important questions are addressed below.

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Is your lawn just not cutting it? Here are some tips to get your lawn looking lush in no time…

The RUC's lush bowling greens

If your lawn is anything like our lawn at home at this time of year, it’s probably hard, dry, full of weeds and in desperate need of a mow.  But imagine your lawn at home being the even, lush, green lawn that the RUC bowling greens are.

Hopefully we can help – The RUC’s greenskeeper, Mr Terry Doyle, is an expert in all things green, so read on for his top tips to get your grass looking its best:

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