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Have a crack at Jack Attack

Lawn bowls at the RUC

Think lawn bowls is for more mature members of society? That you need to have hours on end spare to play a game? Think again. Jack Attack is the latest craze to take over The RUC. With a frenetic energy and a lower average age to traditional bowls, Jack Attack has been sweeping across Australian bowls clubs, and now it’s here in Turner!

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Liquor Licencing laws in the ACT – how the RUC plays ball

Have you heard there’s been a bit of stick being given to Canberra’s hospitality venues of late? Gaming, health, liquor licencing, noise and the like? If you’re an exclusive patron of the RUC, then perhaps not. Hell yes we’re the good guys and our venues are an awesome part of the local community. However, the issues surrounding alcohol and its effects on the local community are definitely not to be taken lightly.

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Bowls Butlers at your service

Bowls Butlers at the RUC Turner

Spring is finally here. And with warmer, sunnier and longer days upon us, it’s the perfect time to head down to The RUC at Turner for a game of social bowls or a bowls party with a little something special. Wondering what that something special is? Why it’s our fabulous RUC Bowls Butlers of course– and these guys have been serving social bowlers since 2014.

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A Beginners Guide to Rugby Union


Rugby Union started at an English school (The Rugby School) when a soccer player thought the game as it stood kinda sucked, so they picked up the ball and ran with it, which was heaps more fun.

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How to make the perfect coffee

Are you a coffee connoisseur? An addict who can’t possibly start the day without that caffeine hit? Or perhaps you’re a social coffee-drinker?

Whatever your consumption choice, it has become socially acceptable to drink this deliciously warm stimulant like it’s going out of fashion, and rightly so.

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