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If you’re looking for a fun way to get into lawn bowls, then Jack Attack is for you! Think of it like the T20 of lawn bowls – fast, exciting, and easy to understand. Grab a team of mates or work colleagues and join us once a week on Wednesdays in February for 90 minutes of bowls action.

Teams of 3 or 4 (with substitutions allowed) will play off over four rounds on the 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th of February, with game being played between 6-7:30pm.

Teams will play two sets of five and with games usually lasting a little over an hour, this is perfect for those of us that don’t have hours of free time to commit.

To register your team, call Cal Walters on 0438419973, email, or come in and pick up a registration form from the reception desk at the RUC.

An entry fee of $120 per team is payable on registration, and there will be weekly prizes and a free barbeque on the final night of competition.

Please pay registration fees to BSB 032729, account number 286302 and email a notification to

So no matter whether you’re new to bowls, looking for an excuse to let your competitive side come out, or just want a low time-commitment excuse to catch up with your friends after work – Jack Attack is your answer!

CNBC ACT Bowls Rookie Champion

Last week’s ACT Rookie women’s event was won by one of our well-known bowlers and “leading lawndies”, Gina Dowley… and what an absolute talent she is. Our Secretary Manager Jeremy mentioned that he saw some of her bowling and “was glad that [he] didn’t play against her!” We’ve also been told by several sources that after he left, her bowling got even better.


Well done Gina! We’re sure all the Canberra North members join us in singing your praises when it comes to not only being a star “Rookie”, but for also being a true “high-bowler” and shining member of the women’s division.


A big shout out to all our members who gave up time to assist with the running of the Rookie Singles. Kate Schipp and our umpires certainly put in a big weekend, and Terry and Joseph Doyle did a great job of having the two greens prepared and running well for the start of each day.


The day simply wouldn’t have rolled as smoothly as it did, without all the dedicated people who volunteered to mark the day. We’re a lucky club to have members who constantly put up their hands to assist whenever they can.


To find out more about ACT Bowls, head to

Your winter bowls day out

RUC Winter Bowls

Canberra winters aren’t so bad, with fresh mornings that turn into crisp, sunny days and not a cloud in the sky. We are encouraging you to make the most of it and spend a day out on the greens breathing in that fresh Canberra air. Read more

Is your lawn just not cutting it? Here are some tips to get your lawn looking lush in no time…

The RUC's lush bowling greens

If your lawn is anything like our lawn at home at this time of year, it’s probably hard, dry, full of weeds and in desperate need of a mow.  But imagine your lawn at home being the even, lush, green lawn that the RUC bowling greens are.

Hopefully we can help – The RUC’s greenskeeper, Mr Terry Doyle, is an expert in all things green, so read on for his top tips to get your grass looking its best:

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