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Introducing Matt & Nick

Last month we introduced you to our new Head Chef Mick. This month, we’re highlighting the rest of the kitchen team, Matt and Nick, who work really hard dishing out your fave meals.

Matt’s background has brought him to us with 20 years chef experience from pubs to two Michelin Star restaurants. And Nick has extensive experience working in sports clubs and gastropubs. Together they’re out to blow the minds of all who dine at the RUC, aiming to provide not just a good meal, but a dining experience. Their goal is to lower wait times without compromising the quality of the meals.

Both are big fans of music, with Nick being a supporter of Australian bands, while Matt enjoys listening to anything from The Beatles to Slipknot. Matt’s spare time is spent on the farm, motorbike riding and being out in the Aussie sunshine. They both relish in the finer things in life – good food, a good beer (or two), mates and music. They’re a stellar addition to the RUC team and we’re stoked to have them.

RUC welcomes new Head Chef, Michael Magill

We all know the old saying, a change is as good as a holiday. Well for the RUC our most recent change has come in the form of our new Head Chef, Michael Magill. And the holiday is a wonderful new RUC menu. Tasty!

Michael has been a chef for many years, having cooked at a very broad range of venues over the past 17 years.  And he is excited to have landed at the RUC to put his own spin on some old favourites, along with some new flavoursome dishes.

Michael says he is currently readjusting the menu to provide RUC customers with a higher quality food offering. Read more