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  • RUC refresh in full swing

    Renovations are well and truly underway at the RUC, so we thought it was time for an update on how the new RUC is coming along. Here we have Jeremy Wilcox from the RUC and Andrew Mills from Bellevue Building to walk us through the renos to date and what’s yet to come.

    Come and see the progress for yourself and while you’re at it, grab a burger, a Frozen Margarita or a Brookvale Union Ginger Beer with ice and fresh lime and sit back in our new raised lounge area overlooking the greens.

  • Supporting the Inner North – proud sponsor of the Turner School Fete

    Kid facepainted

    At the RUC, we’re all about supporting the local community and that doesn’t just mean through traditional sponsorship for sporting clubs. Since joining forces with the Canberra North Bowling Club in 2014, we’ve been committed to providing support to a variety of clubs and associations, from business groups, to Not for Profit organisations and education institutions.

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