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    Well this is going to come as a shock to most of you, but…

    Did you know that going to the club is actually GOOD for you? True. The research even says so. Read more

  • Ring in the New Year at the RUC



    2017 is almost upon us. It seems a little shocking but true. No turning back the clock here, the new year is fast approaching. So, what are you going to do for it?

    Just for a bit of fun, we thought we’d share with you some of the strangest new year’s traditions from around the world. Did you know:

    • In Denmark people save all their unused dishes and plates until New Year’s Eve when they affectionately shatter them against the doors of their friends and family.
    • In Ecuador, New Year’s is celebrated by burning paper-filled scarecrows at midnight.
    • In Scotland, the first person to cross the threshold of a home in the new year should carry a gift for good luck.


    And our favourite of them all… Read more

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