Terms and Conditions

Canberra North Bowling & ACT Rugby Union Club (The RUC)

  1. Bookings
    Due to high demand in the peak season, a booking is not confirmed until the deposit has been received. Please
    contact our functions manager prior to processing an internet deposit, to ensure your preferred date and time
    is available. Please pay within 48 hours of receiving your deposit invoice.
  2. Deposit & Payment
    The deposit quoted to you is required to confirm your booking (Bowls bookings less than 20 people are required
    to pay in full). Food & Beverage packages also require a $500 security bond. Full payment for all food, beverage
    and bowls packages required no later than five working days prior to your function. At this time final numbers
    for your function are also required (see section 4 for more details). Please pay within 24 hours of receiving your
    event invoice.
  3. Food & Beverage
    All bookings over 10 people are required to take a catering package for the number of guests attending the
    event. No external food or beverages may be bought onto the premises (birthday & engagement cakes are
    acceptable, cakeage fees apply).
    All Alcohol purchased at the RUC, either privately or as part of a Bar Tab must be consumed within the licensed
    boundaries of the RUC. The consumption of Alcohol on, or near the premises that has not been purchased at
    the RUC, will result in the refusal of entry of these and their related guests. Management reserves the right to
    make a final determination.
  4. Guaranteed Numbers
    Final menu selection and guaranteed numbers are required by the RUC five working days prior to your function.
    Final numbers given at this time will be the amount catered and charged for.
    We may accept small modifications of numbers without material changes to the quote and options selected.
    For all changes in final numbers, restrictions may be put in place due to operational and COVID-19
    considerations. Please note a head count confirmation may be done by RUC Management during your function.
  5. Confirmation of Set Up/Run Sheet
    We would appreciate if confirmation of set up and run sheets (agenda, format of function, tentative guest
    numbers and menu selection) are to be confirmed with us no later than four working days prior to your
  6. Cancellation
    In the event that your confirmed booking is cancelled, the following conditions will apply;
    60 working days or more deposit will be refunded
    30 working days or less 50 % of deposit will be refunded
    15 working days or less 25 % of deposit will be refunded
    10 working days or less deposit will be forfeited, unless another function of similar value can be
  7. Barefoot Bowls
    A deposit is required for bookings that requires 4 rinks or more during non-peak season. During peak season full
    payment for all bookings are required 5 working days in advance.
    In the event of rain greens are closed at the discretion of the greenkeeper. Management determines if an event
    warrants cancellation.
    In the event of a wash out, all outside exclusive catering, beverage, and bowls packages will be refunded or can
    be used as a credit for a later event. For all inside booked functions, catering and beverage packages will go
    ahead and bowls charges will be refunded in full.
    Due to COVID-19 restrictions, any booked outdoor events cannot be catered inside without prior arrangement.
  8. Surcharges
    All card payments attract a 1.5% surcharge (Amex 2.5%).
  9. Price Variations
    Although every effort is made to maintain prices as per the original quote, any event booked more than three
    months in advance may be subject to price variation. Specific food & beverage selections may be modified
    before your event. You will be notified by the RUC of any such changes.
  10. Delivery and Use of Decorations
    Any items (such as decorations, outsourced AV equipment) for set up can be delivered to the RUC on the day of
    your function within consultation with RUC staff. The use of and attaching of decorations to the walls of the
    RUC must be discussed and agreed with by RUC Management prior to your function. The use of sticky tape or
    similar products are not permitted. Blu-Tack should be used where practical.
    The RUC does not allow the use of confetti, glitter, scatters or similar products. Part of your deposit will be
    withheld in the event confetti, glitter, scatters or similar products are used. When using candles for decorations
    during a function, the candles must be on a protective base. There will be a charge for any damage to the RUC’s
  11. Contracted Services/Equipment
    The RUC takes no responsibility for any outsourced services booked by you or on your behalf. You will be
    responsible for these items in accordance with the contractor/s terms and conditions
  12. Personal AV Equipment
    If you intend on using your own AV equipment or laptop, we require you to test it with our AV system prior to
    your event, to ensure against any technical difficulties on the day.
  13. Liability and Damage
    The RUC accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or theft of items left at the venue prior to, during and after
    your function. You are financially liable for any damage sustained to the RUC’s property or fittings, whether
    through your own actions, your guests or contractors/sub-contractors. If there are any damages, loss of
    property or additional cleaning charges, you will forfeit your security deposit and if damages, loss of property or
    cleaning fees amount to more than the deposit amount the RUC will issue you an invoice for payment within
    seven days.
  14. Beverage Licence and Service Standards
    Under the Liquor Licensing Laws the RUC has an obligation to ensure that patrons do not become intoxicated,
    disturb the neighbourhood or in certain locations within the RUC be under the age of 18. The RUC requires your
    assistance to ensure our obligations are not breached. The RUC enforces a Responsible Service of Alcohol policy
    and reserves the right to refuse service of alcohol to any guest. Decisions are at the discretion of the Duty
    Manager/Function Supervisor. Children must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult.
  15. Tray Service
    In line with the RUC’s Responsible Service of Alcohol policy, tray service will only be provided for a minimum
    period of two hours at a cost of $35.00 per staff member, per hour (plus beverage costs).
  16. Bar Tab
    All bar tabs must be arranged with the RUC no later than four working days prior to your function. At any time
    during the function the Duty Manager/Function Supervisor has the right to stop the bar tab if the guests are
    intoxicated. All bar tabs are to be paid for in full at the end of the function unless prior arrangements have been
    made. If your bar tab has not been paid prior to your event a credit card & valid drivers licence will be required
    at the start of your event.
  17. Compliance
    You will be responsible for ensuring the orderly behaviour of your guests. The RUC Management reserves the
    right to intervene when necessary.
  18. COVID-19 Compliance
    You will be responsible for your guests complying with all current ACT government restrictions surrounding
    These include but are not limited to:
  • Patrons must remain seated at all times, except to extent that is unreasonable or impractical to do so. Examples
    of unreasonable or impractical include entering and exiting the premises, ordering and paying for food or
    beverages, using the restrooms and taking your barefoot bowls shot..
  • Patrons should not congregate or mingle with other groups.
  • Patrons should not stand around while drinking. They must remain seated either at the bar or at a table.
  • Venues must manage bookings, so patrons do not stay longer than two hours, and patrons must stay in one
    part of the venue as much as possible.
  • Spectators (of bowls) must be seated, where seating is available. Otherwise they must observe physical
    distancing of 1.5m where not from the same household.
    By signing, you are acknowledging that you and you guests understand and will comply with all restrictions

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